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Specific Facials
- Acne Facial
By using products that contain purifying, cleansing, and moisturizing ingredients, it allow the skin to regularize anew.
- Moisturizing Facial
A moisturizing and natural facial care. Ideal for mature, dry, sensitive, and reactive skin, while improving its natural glow.

- Anti-spot Facial
In order to remedy to the impression and feeling that your skin is dark and dull, there is brightening products that will help standardize your skin tone, and also help illuminate it.
- Anti-ageing Facial
A treatment that fills in, reduces and prevents the appearance of wrinkles on the face. The skin is left feeling firmer.
Radio Frequency
Radio frequency is a technique that can be used on the face and body against loose and sagging skin tissue. The head of the device passes over the area to be treated by performing small rubbing movement repeatedly, which makes it possible to heat the dermis. This causes the collagen fibers to contract.
- Microdermabrasion​
Microdermabrasion deeply exfoliates a layer of dead skin cells and reduces the appearance of flaws, such as scars from various origins (acne, varicella, wounds, surgery, burns, keloids, etc.)

- Chromotherapy

The coloured light influences the pituitary, which is considered the conductor of the endocrine system because it produces substances that regulate the hormones produced by the endocrine glands. These control many body functions, such as growth and sleep patterns, temperature and energy levels, changes in metabolism and appetite.

Red:        stimulating & energizing properties
Orange:  scaring & regenerating properties

Yellow:   purifying & reinforcing properties

Green:    detoxification & decongestant properties

Violet:     energizing & spiritual properties

Blue:       calming & relaxing properties

Indigo:    toning & astringent properties

- Photo-vibrant Massage

This makes it possible to carry out mechanical micromassage directly on the skin in order to facilitate the penetration of the active substances in the cosmetic products. It facilitates the removal of liquids laden with toxins, and therefore drain them.

- Vasculyse

Vasculyse 2G RF is the result of recent innovations in the field of electronics, It emits a perfectly targeted thermal energy. The heat generated in the blood capillaries helps remove skin imperfections. A medical grade technology!

Examples of skin imperfections: telangiectasia, pendulum, pigmented spots, etc...


- Relaxing Massage

A massage is much more than a relaxing moment, it reduces the physical ailments caused by stress such as back pain, lack of energy, insomnia and more. A massage has many positive effects on sensory and psycho motor levels, psychologically and emotionally.

- Therapeutic Massage

A massage that will relax your sore muscles, allowing your nervous system to relax gradually. The techniques used in massage therapy has benefits on the overall health of the person.

- Hot Stone Massage

Hot volcanic stones help to make the heat penetrate faster in order to relieve the tension, to allow a total relaxation in effectively relieving muscular and articulatory pains. In addition, it promotes lymphatic drainage, fluidifies blood circulation, facilitates lymphatic decongestion and improves the elimination of accumulated impurities in the body.

- Pregnant women massage

A massage adapted to the physiological changes that future mothers experience. It helps to gently reduce the muscular tension of each stage of pregnancy and acts on the lymphatic circulation to reduce the swelling of the tissues.

- Swedish massage

This massage is an effective way to relieve particular aches, muscle tension and stress. It is the most classic and popular technique in the West. Swedish massage is a series of maneuvers applied to muscle mass or joints and used to restore tired, sluggish or inhibited muscles.

- Californian massage

This massage consists essentially of learning the art of touch to provide the body with well-being and relaxation and it eliminates negative states like anxiety, tension, anxiety and stress.

- Reflexology

An ancient Chinese technique using massage points pressure on the feet, hands and ears to restore the flow of energy throughout the body.


- Neuro-spa Massage

Being the first therapeutic tool to produce intracorporeal music synchronized with conventional music, the neurospa restores a state of mental and physical harmony, with the effect of relaxation after a single session.

- Biotherapy Massage

A massage done by using crystals that helps correct imbalanced energy. The energy (chakra) will help restore your physical, mental and spiritual health so you can regain a better health. The biotherapist is able to see, locate and correct it.

Our massotherapists are graduates and certified.
Association des Massologues et Techniciens en Massage du Canada.

Body Exfoliation
Grain-based scrub helps eliminate the dead skin cells and roughnesses on the skin.The skin will become smoother and more radiant.


Body Wrap

Slimming treatment with detoxifying and disinfiltrating algae as well as concentrate of plants. The cutaneous blood circulation and the exchanges intensify, the processes of elimination accelerate smoothly and the dimplings diminish.

Personalized Slimming Program


- Day Makeup

- Night Makeup

- Prom

- Wedding

- Permanent Makeup

This technique aims to recreate, correct or underline the eyebrows line, the outline of the eyes and the lips and some scars.

- Microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup that allows eyebrows to be restructured with a natural look. It redraws the eyebrow and fills the holes by drawing an ultra thin line that imitates the hair to perfection.

- Eyelash Extensions

- Refill

*** Insurance receipt available ***


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